Can You Stomach The Fall From Grace?

This post is not a pleasant one…  It is raw, it is uncensored and will most likely repulse you.  Upon reading and watching the contents, you will likely want to close your browser window and not share with a single friend.

However, as part of any preparation plan, you must at least make an attempt to prepare and strengthen your mind for the possibility that you may witness or endure horrific tragedy.  We must see for ourselves the evil of this world in its unadulterated form because our American entertainment industry (movies, video games and music) has misconstrued it to us. 

Sound extreme?  For preppers, not so much.  We see the world falling into disorder and chaos.  We recognize that the bubble of American comfort and peace is quickly fading as evident through national and global news…

  • The US is increasingly divided across multiple issues: black vs. white, republican vs. democrat, police vs. citizen, gay vs. straight, etc.
  • The US Constitution and Bill of Rights are being dissolved as we enter into a totalitarian police state.
  • World central banks are destroying the wealth of everyone but the elites as over 200 trillion in debt has been created globally.
  • Civil wars and real wars are breaking out all across the world.
  • World war is brewing with Russia vs the United States in a cold war that’s warming.
  • The days of religious conquest are back with the Islamic State pursuing the destruction of the western world.

 Perhaps let us even take a step back and look at more probable events.  

  • Car accidents can mangle bodies so bad that individuals are in shock due to the event and images they see.
  • Natural disasters leave trails of bodies which the mainstream media does not always show.  This is especially true with regards to hurricane Katrina, Japan Tsunami and Indonesian Tsunami.  In all those cases, people stranded in the waters had to endure the sights of the floating dead.
  • General kidnappings, robberies or break-ins can lead to physical altercations.  If a robber broke into your home and you shot him point blank with your shotgun, you may have saved your family.  However, your mind is now victim for years to come with what you have done and seen.

The following videos are gruesome.  Ensure you do not have children present and that you are prepared to watch them.

True Nature

To start off slow and not involve humans, this video shows a baboon capturing a fawn for dinner.  It is slow, painful, and utterly real as opposed to what you may be used to seeing on National Geographic.


In any war, the images are horrific. They plague the mind of our soldiers who witness the acts first hand.  However, one need not look far as the Islamic State has provided enough evidence of this:

Most people are aware of the Jordanian Pilot who was executed alive by burning.  However, you may have not witness the actual video.  Astoundingly, the raw footage may be found on Fox news.  After clicking on the following link, skip to 16:30 in the video.  What is most disturbing is how the Islamic State used special effects and graphics to make this “movie-like”.

Jordanian Execution

Islamic Beheadings


And lastly…

If you have made it this far, this page shows how the Islamic state has slit the throats of women and children.   These are still images, but are nonetheless incredibly difficult to view.

Take away..

Let’s be clear that you should never be able to stomach these images without feeling ill.  If you ever get to the point where you cannot “feel” disgust and revolt at these images, you may have very well lost the part of you that is human.  The point of this article is to bear witness to reality now, so that it does not completely debilitate you in the future.  You do not want to be in the situation where you must lead your family or community, but are shock stricken with the tragedy around you.

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