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“Better” Survival Knot Series @ Cincinnati

Today I led a teaching session on “better” survival knots at our Meetup.com group – Cincinnati Survival/Preparedness group.  We had about 42 people RSVP, had a lot of fun, and learned a lot of knots.  Below is a download of the presentation I delivered which has the knots we learned.  Although those who didn’t attend will not get the benefit of hands on practice, I do have links to some of the best knot learning websites on the net inside the presentation.

If you don’t have a survival/preparedness group in your region, I highly suggest you get organized with others and start one.  Our group has 300 members, meet twice per month, and is a great resource for both learning and networking.

The “Better” Survival Knot Series Playlist with some of the knots learned today is on my YouTube Channel HERE.

The Presentation from today can be downloaded HERE!

Thanks to everyone who attended today!


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