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What Would You Do if What this Child Says is True?

We’ve all heard of people have near death experiences and seeing lights or visions. Some say that these are simply of products of the brain’s neurons firing radically. However, there is one near-death case that isn’t so simple as just seeing lights or brief visions. Let me introduce you to Colton Burpo, a 3.5 year old child that had a near death experience. After surviving his experience, over the course of days, weeks, months and even years, he told his parents about his incredible journey through heaven and everything that he saw. What is most compelling about his journey? Colton had received unexplainable information about events that happened before he was even born. He spoke of how he met his “2nd sister”, a baby that was miscarried by his mom before he was even born.  He spoke of private events that occurred between his dad and his great grandfather (who died several years before Colton was born).  Sound interesting?  It should.  Watch as I go into detail about the events that Colton experienced and how I think they are irrefutable.

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