Author: Dan Sullivan
When I was really young, around 5, I used to spend at least 6 months a year with my grandparents, away from the noise of the big city I was born in. The fact that we were 90% self-sufficient had a huge impact on my life.See, when you spend your entire day planting potatoes, mowing the grass with nothing but a scythe or spending entire days lost in the woods or grazing cattle, you make a lifetime connection with Mother Nature.This is why, when I first learned about prepping although I was skeptical, I wasn’t against it. I always knew deep inside of me that the direction we’re being led by our politicians is wrong. After the initial resistance, I started reading like a madman. I had good grades in school and I always liked to study (I was going to local math Olympics every year) so absorbing this kind of information was a piece of cake.Things changed. We’re now relying on gadgets I never had as a kid. We’re now afraid to eat wild mushrooms even though no one in the village had any problem avoiding the poisonous ones.There are more ways to protect ourselves from accidents as well as man-made and natural disasters than we’ve ever had at our disposal. But there’re more dangers as well.My blog is like no other. Chock-full of complete, high-quality articles, you will learn about every possible danger and every possible way to protect from it.All I ask in return is that you like and share them so we can spread the knowledge. Most of this knowledge should be free, anyway, so telling your friends, family and colleagues about my blog will be much appreciated.Stay safe, Dan
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