Christian Halloween

What Should Christians do on Halloween?

Many Christians in America still go out every Halloween and celebrate.  Some are relatively tame and only allow their children to dress up as innocent super heros and get a little bit of extra candy.  Others tend to get a little too involved and almost seem to glorify death and witchcraft.  Where do I stand personally on this?

First and foremost, I think Christians have lost the great commission in making disciples of all nations.  As it applies to Halloween, Christians have negated to seize an amazing opportunity to evangelize.  What do I mean by this?  I mean that while everyone is walking around either taking and handing out candy, hardly anyone is walking around handing out gospel tracts.  In all the years that I’ve been alive, I cannot remember a single time where a Christian came to our house and handed us a gospel tract in exchange for candy.  Think about that for a second; have you ever had that happen?  Odds are, it has never happened to you.  And between us both, we should be shocked at what amazing opportunity awaits us.  Let us seize this moment.

For Halloween, I very much detest any decorations or outfits that glorify death, witchcraft, evil, lust, etc.  On the flip side, I’m not going to be legalistic and condemn Christian families for letting their little children dress as Super Man and get a bit of candy.  But as I’ve mentioned, we have a greater opportunity here to not only evangelize others, but teach our children.  This halloween, I am printing about 50 gospel tracts that are focused on the trend of fake news and politics.  For the middle aged American, this is likely a very effective tract.  I’m going to teach my children that we are probably the only, or very few people, with the job of handing these out and telling people the good news about Jesus.  I want it to be a tradition that Halloween is for God’s soliders to march into the valley of the shadow of death and bring light to those who are lost.  This is the love of others that Christ required of us, and it is what we shall do.

Friend, I hope you join me in this battle.  Below is the link to the free gospel tract I created.  Feel free to edit or to create one of your own.  Remember to use your spirit when writing one of your own.  Have it be friendly and engaging, and equip people to know the plan of salvation.

Fake News Gospel Track (Downloadable)


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