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The Contrast of Christ

One of the most beautiful characteristics within the complexity of scripture, is the way in which the Spirit of God helps us more deeply understand his nature through profound imagery that extends far beyond the depth of the pages we hold in our hands. Often, the most simple of precepts pertaining to the nature of God, and, the nature of us as his people – are actually the most powerful demonstrations of His wisdom. Ironically, it is this simple thing, our ability to even see this imagery in the first place that has been at the forefront of my mind – but not simply OUR ability to see this imagery, but actually, the world’s.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself deeply entrenched in hours of video editing on some recent events and various projects for the ministry. During this process, it is standard practice for me to evaluate the various image settings of the footage to try and enhance the overall quality and provide the clearest and most vivid picture for potential viewers. Little did I know, that during the process of simply editing footage, God was actually setting the stage for a simple yet profound lesson that didn’t “dawn” on me until…ironically, I started to study what the world AND the scriptures teach us about “light.” You see, over and over, and over again, I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to truly make an image “pop” and increase the viewing quality – is to simply increase the contrast. The separation between what is light – and what is darkness.

But As this simple yet profound realization started to cause “lights to come on” in my understanding, I was even more humbled to find out that this little nugget of wisdom led to even more depth than I could initially see.

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