Mystery: Something Obliterated Hundreds of Trees in Seconds!

A mystery happened in the forest of Washington state, and the top experts still have no clue what happened.

lake quinault trees

-North Shore Road, Lake Quinault, January 27, 2018 – Nearly a square mile of trees was completely leveled to the ground in what experts are calling an unprecedented event.  There is no trace of what even had the power to knock down hundreds of mature old trees around Lake Quinault.  Theories range from UFOs to meteors to energy weapons.

Was it caused by a UFO, Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) or even a meteor explosion? As strange earth events continue to increase in both scale and frequency worldwide, many wonder if this event is somehow linked to the 1908 Tunguska Event that still leaves researchers scratching their heads.

Wind speeds were quite low. Steady rainfall, and the pressure shows a downward trend. But look closely. VERY closely. There is a downward spike at 1:25 AM. Something abrupt and short-lived happened…

Meteorologist Cliff Mass stated within his own research that, “Our meteorological Sherlock is perplexed. The trees fell to the south or southeast, implying a very strong northerly wind. None of the surface locations shows a strong wind and most of them are easterly or southeasterly. Wrong direction. There is no strong convection or thunderstorms, so no micro-bursts.”

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