Health / Medical / Fitness Survival

Ebola Protection Plan

If you haven’t been reading up on the Ebola outbreak happening in Africa, you should know that this is the worst Ebola outbreak in history.  Some quick facts before we begin: Ebola is a virus that is often characterized by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is followed by […]

Alternative Energy Communications Survival

Preparing for Solar Storms or EMPs

There are many things to worry about in today’s world…the global economy, cold war revival between the US and Russia, nature disasters rising, etc.  One additional scenario that people are aware about but rarely prepare for is electromagnetic radiation that can fry our power grids and sensitive electronics.  I personally put any type of specific preparation […]

Finances Survival

Stagflation will consume you

“Real” unemployment figures in the United States are approximately 25% as opposed to the “official” government projection of approximately 7%.  While those individuals are now unfortunately dependent on government assistance to survive, those that have a job are not doing any better.  The definition of stagflation is simply a combination of stagnant income wages vs. rising price […]


The President in your pocket…

Did you know that an alert from the President of the United States can come directly into your phone via a text message?  Although the FCC instituted this feature back in 2010-2011, many smart phone owners have absolutely no idea that this technology is buried within their phones.  Even if you do know about it, […]

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