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Halloween is for Preppers

As a Christian, I am not condoning Halloween.  However, Halloween does have a very good use for the Christian Prepper…and that is, morale. 

When watching Doomsday preppers or talking to preppers in real life, so many people focus on beans, bullets and bandaids….literally.  When I look at their food stores, it is pretty much grains, grains and more grains: oats, rice, wheat, beans, etc.  By all means, getting grains is the best place to start.  They are cheap, filling and store for an incredibly long time.  However, something needs to be said about human psychology in relation to food and preparedness.

Imagine a terrible disaster has taken place.  You may be displaced, lost property, or worse…lost love ones.  The situation itself is incredibly stressful.  However, you are lucky enough to have survived and have your preps.  Now, imagine eating oats, rice, wheat and beans day in and day out under austere conditions.  While your belly is full, eating these bland grains will most definitely take a took on your psychological well-being.

In world war I, soldiers were given chocolate as rations for its fat content, and also a morale boost.  Look at articles such as this one, letters from soldiers to the mainland express extreme gratitude for the chocolate that was sent to them as it was “treasured”.

Considering you have the time to prepare NOW, my recommendation is that you not only diversify your food supply in terms of nutritional content, but make sure you have supplemented it with spices and other morale boosters.  With Halloween around the corner, this is the best time to buy bulk bags of candy from Costco or other stores.  The best kind to buy is those that are strictly sugar as most chocolate forms will go rancid quicker.   However, chocolate packs have a relatively good shelf life of 8-12 months, so you could buy some of those as well.

If you would like to learn more about how to buy lots of bulk spices for cheap, visit my spice article HERE.

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