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Got Spirit? How to Find Out.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike (yes, THE Mike – creator and exclusive producer of On Point Preparedness) asked me to share my testimony with his subscribers during a live YouTube event. You can check out that specific video here: From Combat Soldier to Christ – Real Testimonies.

Near the end of the live event, Mike opened up the remaining time for a short Q&A, during which a viewer asked us, “How can we be sure that the Holy Spirit is really in us.” Although we both gave him a little bit of input on ways we can be sure that the Holy Spirit dwells in us, I decided to spend the next several weeks diving more deeply into what I believe are the best indicators of the Holy Spirit’s workings in our lives… the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). In this first video of the ongoing series, we discuss the first fruit (or proof, if you will) of the Holy Spirit, love.

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