Friends of OPP

There are lots of truther, conspiracy and other channels scattered throughout the internet.  However, I’ve found that although many claim themselves to be Christians, many focus entirely way too much on the occult. Don’t get me wrong…exposing the occult and decoding symbolism is interesting and needed.  However, these channels are dedicated to the occult/conspiracy and do not build up a believer’s spiritual armor.  In fact, looking into the occult too much will start to consume you.

Below are some of my fellow YouTuber friends that both glorify the kingdom and expose the end times.  Enjoy!  And tell them that I sent you :)

(In no particular order)

Visit Tony’s Official A Minute to Midnite YouTube Channel


Visit Mark’s Official Fuel Project YouTube Channel

the fuel project

Visit Jerren’s Official AoC Network YouTube Channel

aoc network

Visit Steven Bancarz’s Official Reasons for Jesus YouTube Channel

steven bancarz

Visit David’s Official Round Saturns Eye YouTube Channel


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