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December 7th, The Islamic Crescent Moon & Star Manifests in the Sky

This is pretty incredible!  I’ve established a revelation timeline that begins April 11, 2012 and matches THREE extraordinary dates when the pope (false prophet) leads major events of abomination (September 23rd in America, Closure of the Snyod on October 23rd/24th, and The Extraordinary Year of Jubilee for Mercy and Compassion December 7th/8th).

EXACTLY 1,335 days after the start of my revelation timeline (April 11th, 2012), we have the Cresant Moon and Star of Islam manifesting in the sky.  This all happens the day before the Pope (false prophet) announces the Extraordinary year of jubilee for mercy and compassion.

Not sure how this all ties together, but it’s interesting that The Islamic States wants a worldwide Caliphate.  This symbol of the Muslim world was founded by Osman of the Ottaman Empire who kept this symbol as he had a dream of the crescent moon spanning from one end of the world to the other!

For additional info, watch my prior video where I requested help interpreting these signs:

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