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Defending the Lord’s Prayer & The Pope Agenda

As we move further along the path into the end times and start to make sense of some of the prophecies that Daniel, John, Jesus and others spoke of, we also must become keenly aware of the deceptions that are sure to manifest themselves – specifically as it deals with the manipulation of scripture and the authenticity of our Messiah as the Son of God.

That being said, some of you may have already encountered this recent statement made by Pope Francis that’s floating around, which deals specifically with his desire to change the Lord’s prayer as spoken by Jesus.  What’s more, he’s even citing it as a bad translation. Since we must remain incredibly vigilant in these times, I thought it would be important to address this statement head-on as it starts to “toy” with doctrine and with the idea that Jesus wasn’t perfect. By the way, this wouldn’t be the first time that Pope Francis implied error on Jesus’ part, but we’ll get into that in another video soon.

In this video, we’ll examine the specifics of the Greek-Hebrew translation using the interlinear resource and prove that, once again, the Pope seems to have an agenda to alter the truth of God’s word – perpetuating the notion that Pope Francis just might be the false prophet spoken of in the book of Revelation.

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