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Christian Truthers: Taking Back the Title

Some of the those within the Christian community have become exhausted by, irritated with, and outright hostile towards “Truthers” who happen to also call Jesus their Lord and Savior, essentially Truthers who are professing Christians. This is not because these truthers believe the gospel specifically – but because there seems to be more of a focus on conspiracy, than there is on the Word of God. Whether you’re arriving at this video/article with a passionate interest in conspiracy truther topics, or you’re of the mind that those topics are not beneficial whatsoever to spreading the gospel and discipling the body – I’d like to take a few minutes to explore what seems to be the biggest concerns within this group and hopefully encourage others to take another look at what it really means to be called a “Christian Truther.”

So, what are the major concerns with the Christian Truther concept?

From both extensive research online, as well as personal interactions I’ve had with followers of Jesus Christ over the last couple of years, I’ve encountered several within various communities that outright condemn the “Christian Truther” concept because they feel that too often, the personal interests truthers have in conspiratorial topics overshadows the level of interest these same people place in actually knowing and teaching the primary truth of God’s word. Now, after having been involved in this community, first as a viewer, then as a researcher and now as a content creator – I can personally testify that this has actually been a concern of mine as well.

Now, before anyone gets any crazy ideas and gets the impression that I’m condemning alternative research and understanding the hidden workings of the world – I need to be clear that this is not what I’m saying AT ALL, this type of research has been spiritually beneficial to me personally, and you’ll notice that we’ve provided recommended resources from trusted channels that cover quite of a few of these topics from a Biblical perspective quite well – right here on the Christian Truthers YouTube mainpage. So, in the search of continued fairness and the truth we all seek, I’ll try and address both sides of this issue as fairly and as best as I can.

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God bless and we look forward to your input.

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