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Christian Truthers: Faith is a Verb

Since days long past when the apostles of Jesus Christ roamed the earth, fulfilling the great commission given to them by our Messiah, millions of people have sought to better understand the writings of the original disciples. Such fervor and discipline has been given to dissecting and consuming the written words of these men and the happenings of Jesus Christ, that unwavering disagreements over time have led to hundreds, if not thousands of church splits across the “Christian” denominations. Even to this day; however, Biblical scholars, teachers, preachers and other individuals still find themselves researching and answering again, a seemingly fundamental debate – the argument of salvation through “faith” alone or some form of salvation through “faith + works.”

How can there be such disagreement on such a fundamental issue?

With seemingly inconsistent statements within scripture, and radically varying personal beliefs on the true method of salvation by faith, I think it’s high time we took a much closer look at what biblical faith really is. You might just find that understanding this single word’s meaning may not only reconcile passionate disagreements, but more importantly, the Word of God itself. After all, the Word of God never contradicts itself when the true contextual meanings are revealed.

If you’ve already watched our video “The Stolen Faithfulness Mystery” which dives deep into what the fruit of the Spirit of faith truly is and how it’s applied, then you may already have an idea of how to answer this age old question that seems to beguile generations of so called “believers”… What does the Bible really teach us about faith? This video seeks to answer that very question.

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God bless you all in name of Jesus Christ.

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