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Ammunition Getting Too Expensive to Train? Try THIS!

If you’re a prepper, you are likely spending money on all sorts of hard asset preparations – food, tactical gear, firearms, etc.  When it comes to shelling out more money to train routinely with your firearm, some of us cringe at the expense.  What results is firearms and ammunition sitting idle in our basements while our skills deteriorate.

Although there is no replacement to actual “real” live-fire dynamic training, you can certainly supplement with other training means to control the cost.  You could add dry fire, laser or airsoft training, but I have a better solution…

Check out this amazing 1:1 full metal replicate .177 caliber bb gun made by Sig Sauer.  It’s fully functional with safety, slide, slide lock, magazine release and blow back recoil technology.  For under $110, you can train almost every day for pennies.  This works well for training your holster draw, firing from retention, magazine reloads and tactical reloads.  The video of me demonstrating this gun is below.

Check it out HERE on Amazon!



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