You need more medicine!


Currently circulating all across social media is the story about a CDC scientist admitting that their clinical study debunking the MMR vaccine and autism link was falsified.  Both pro-vax and anti-vax machines are going metal on metal at this point. Below is a video (anti-vax but factual) that describes this situation.  But before you watch it,  I want to talk about more than just vaccines. I want to talk about the medicated culture of the United States.

It seems increasingly common that medical intervention and pill popping are the common strategy for any ailment. However, we have reached a point of where we are literally killing ourselves. Whether this phenomenon is driven by big corporation profits, subjectivity of patients to the authority/trust of their doctor, or pursuit of the “quick fix” to get healthy, we are being driven into chronic health problems and even death.  Need examples?  I’m happy you asked:

-US administers most vaccines out of any country…To my readers around 25+ years of age – look at what vaccines you received compared to the massive number of vaccines children receive today.  Are we really any healthier?

vaccine truth US Vaccine number

-The US is 30th in the world for infant mortality.  Out of industrialized nations, the US leads in infant mortality.

infant mortality

Prescription drugs now account for more deaths than illegal drugs.

-Water Fluoridation is uniquely American.  97% of Europe does not fluoridate water.

– Corporation owned US won’t allow labeling of GMO products, yet the world says otherwise:

GMO food


And while we may not be able to put our finger on any one cause for all of our ailements, the larger picture is clear…our medicine, food, and lifestyle may not be so “best in class” as we are all made to believe:

Chronic Illness US

(Chronic diseases are ongoing, generally incurable illnesses
or conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, and

  • sciencecritic

    The MMR-autism link is still nonexistant –

    Infant Mortality Rate is calculated differently depending on the country, inflating certain countries’ survival rates ( although that doesn’t necessarily improve our score (

    Prescription drug abuse-related deaths should be separated from people who are intelligently taking prescribed medication as their doctor recommends.

    Flouridation did at one time help protect millions of peoples’ teeth – I agree that since teeth brushing is now commonplace, it should be a retired treatment method, but there is plenty of bureaucracy slowing that process down. I would imagine that this is relatively an achievable change to make in the next 5-10 years.

    GMO is just a buzz word. Whether it was through thousands of years of husbandry or done in a lab, humans have made crops to be produce more fruit, resist disease/drought, and to grow faster. Whether that’s French grapes for wine, wheat in Saudi Arabia, or coffee beans in Brazil. “GMO” means about as much as the word “bullying”.

  • OnPoint


    While I do not follow the autism link with vaccines, I do follow the increase of auto immune disorders that are on the rise in children – asthma, peanut, latex, seasonal, etc. A child’s immune system by default is not strong and will not react to viral antigens that are injected. In order to force the body to react to the antigens and create anti-bodies, aluminum adjuvants are used to jump start the immune system. This “Hyper-shock” causes the body to not only react to the viral antigens, but other proteins in the body as well (e.g. – peanuts, latex, pollen, etc.)

    You said yourself infant mortality rate has not changed even if the methods of calculation are different so……?

    Flouride (classified as a drug) in our water system is not the same chemical as in toothpaste. Even if it was, what right does a municipality have to better our teeth? The purpose of the municipal water system is to provide safe, clean drinking water – NOTHING ELSE. What if they wanted to put a drug for cholesterol into the water systems to help American’s maintain healthy levels? Would you be up for that too? Again, we are responsible for our own health. They are responsible for our water.

    – Prescription drugs. You recognize that the a large majority of patients that are addicted to prescription drugs were taking them as prescribed by their physician? Many of these anti-depressants and pain killers are just as addictive as illegal drugs. It doesn’t matter if you take them as prescribed because your body demands more.

    – GMO – Let GMO be available, but let the public decide. We are talking about LABELING. In any free market, the people should be able to decide. If GMO’s are not labeled, they cannot do that. The infographic above shows that GMOs are all across the world, but other countries require the companies to label their products.