What’s With the New Upside Down Christmas Tree Trend?

One of the strangest things to trend the social media-sphere lately is purchasing an upside down Christmas tree for your house.   Originally, it seems like this idea was prompted by hotels and malls.  However, it’s all the new rage amongst personal homes with retailers like Home Depot marketing the new trees.

While this may all seem fun and games by being “different”, there is actually a very disturbing occult meaning to all of this.  Join me in this video where I show exactly where this “upside down” world originates.

  • Justin Best

    Amen Mike great video! I think that the Stranger Things series is doing an excellent job of indoctrinating the masses with these occult ideas, like you mentioned in your last video about the 2nd Baptist Church and the connection to the number (and name) 11. Things are certainly accelerating now and being placed in plain sight… for those who have eyes to see. Thanks again brother.