Tim Tebow, Francis Chan & Mainstream Skepticism

Recently, Jason A put out a video which centers on the impact that he’s had through his life, his ministry and his athleticism. What’s more, it seems that God has even worked a small miracle of sorts through the very statistics of Tim Tebows play. You can check out that highly recommended video here.  When we take a look at the body of work that Tebow has accomplished, as well as the manner in which he uses every opportunity he has to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can’t help but be amazed at the things God is doing in our time. But, what’s even more amazing to me is the fact that – even in a video that so clearly demonstrates the impact that someone like Tim Tebow has, a quick trip to the comments section of that very video will demonstrate just how incredibly fast “followers of Christ” will condemn almost anything labeled “mainstream.”

In this video, we discuss how the prevalence of this behavior among “Christians” online is symptomatic of deeper, underlying heart issues that could be empowering Satan’s intentional efforts to destroy the love we’re called to posses in the body of Christ.

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God bless and we look forward to your input.