Through A Preppers Eyes – 2014 Year In Review

It took me a little under 5 hours to make this video.  I do hope that it moves a bone in your body to prepare for yourself, to educate your friends and family, and to share this within your social networks.

I am astounded with so much that has happened in 2014, and fear what 2015 will bring.  Stay strong, be diligent, and God bless you all!

  • Barbara Gibson-Hinderer

    Amazing footage, Michael. Some I had never seen before. I was horrified all over again at some of the acts of violence that were shown. Especially ISIS. I keep telling my husband “our world is on fire.” That is clearly the case as you have so eloquently laid out in your video. Thanks for all your effort in 2014. I pray that 2015 is more peaceful.

    Barb Hinderer

    • Barbara, I kept the video somewhat PC as well. There is 10x more disturbing footage from the middle east.

      Glad you’re enjoying the site!

      • Barbara Gibson-Hinderer

        I recently added YouTube to my ROKU device. I’m now able to watch your videos on my TV. It’s awesome! Keep the great videos coming. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of the group. Happy 2015!

  • Mark Marshall

    Last weekend at church, the speaker told a story which went vaguely like this:
    A psychology professor got a grant to study the behavioral consequences of attitude predisposition. His children were twins and one was eternally optimistic while the other was chronically pessimistic. On their birthday, he brought them to a place with two rooms with their names on the doors and told them he would return after ten minutes to check on them.
    When he heard crying, he entered the room of the pessimistic child which had been filled with every popular toy and gadget and asked what was wrong. The child said that now all their friends would be resentful and jealous of them, they would have to read all the instructions to learn how to operate all the toys and gadgets, they would be constantly in need of fresh and recharged batteries and eventually it would all be broken and useless.
    The optimist child was dancing for joy in a room full of horse shit. When the father asked what the child was so happy about, the child said there MUST be a pony in here somewhere!
    The obvious point was that we’re supposed to live in delusional denial. Don’t worry, be happy. Silver lining and all that. I ain’t buyin’ it. I am grateful to God for what I do have, but there’s no pony in a pile of equestrian exhaust… though it can make good compost.
    The truth tends to lurk somewhere in the middle of the extremes but can sometimes be worse than we imagine possible.

  • Jessica DeCandia

    This was a good boost for me to start prepping again no matter what is going on in my daily schedule!