“The Apocalypse is Funny” – Love, The Elite

It’s so sad that apocalyptic scenes are now considered “humor”.  Do people have ANY idea of what is going on in this world?  Sadly, based on the roars of laughter from this crowd attending the Conan O’Brian show, it seems they are deaf, blind and dumb.  Additionally, it’s so disturbing that this “act” is almost like the elite are poking fun at the devastation that is to come.

  • Aaron Garrison

    Mike…. There is another possible act you need to consider as the desolation.. As you said in your recent video… About the Pope Changing Laws.. There is the Enforcement of the Sunday Law.. Which Breaks the 4th Commandment.. That too can be be an abomination of desolation act. According to the 4 Angels who have been protecting the Ark of The Covenant recently discovered in Israel 20 ft below where Jesus Christ was crucified. They told him that The Ark of The Covenant will be revealed the Day When the Sunday Law is enforced by the One World Religion run by the Papacy. They describe that as the act of Desolation…. Research the Ark of the Covenant.. And the key role it plays in the beginning of Tribulation.. Something to think about and pray about.