Support your Right – Support Kroger!

If you may not know, Indiana based anti-gun group – Moms Demand Action has shifted their focus on to Kroger to prohibit firearm carry in their stores.  They have just spent $100,000 on an advertising campaign against the store and have also received $50 million dollars from the Michael Bloomburg anti-gun advocates.

Kroger Guns

This gun group has steam and is going after large corporations like Starbucks, Target, Panera, Kroger, etc.  Well Moms, have you seen the following video?

Two customers were ruthlessly beaten by a flash mob of teenagers – one a Krogers employee and the other a shopper.  Neither did anything to provoke the attack!  I am unaware of the condition of the two people injured, but based on the video, one had his head stomped into the concrete by the assailants, a possible life threatening injury.

If Kroger prohibits carrying (open or concealed) in their stores, you will have no means to protect yourself from this kind of assault.

Unfortunately, Kroger does not have a clear email that I can pre-populate a message to. However, you can copy and paste the statement below into Kroger’s customer comment page. Do your part for the safety of yourself, friends, family and Ohio!

Kroger Customer Comment Page

“Dear Kroger,

I am a loyal shopper to the Kroger family as well as a responsible 2nd Amendment Advocate.  I recently came upon news that the Anti-gun group – Moms Demand Action, is pressuring Kroger to ban legal firearm carry (including concealed carry) in your stores.  Also in the news is the horrendous beating of a Kroger shopper and Kroger employee at one of your Memphis locations.  It is these heinous acts of violence which demonstrate the absolute fundamental need for citizens to legally carry firearms to protect themselves and others.  If Kroger gives way to the Anti-gun groups, you are limiting our freedom to protect ourselves.

I applaud Kroger for their initial public statement supporting their position that citizens may still carry firearms in their stores.  However, the anti-gun groups are increasing the pressure.  Please support our rights and prevent these groups from changing your policies.  If Kroger does unfortunately ban legal firearm carry in their stores, I am upset to say that I will bring my business to another grocery store chain.


  • Dave

    If anyone isn’t familiar with the activities of Michael Bloomburg, he has millions and millions of dollars he has been throwing around in an attempt to ban all weapons in our country. This Moms Demand Action group (which only consists of a few people) is just one group he gives his money to.

    I shop at Kroger’s every week. I don’t carry a firearm with me but I am getting tired of always having to watch my back. I saw the video of the beatdown in Memphis and it was horrible.

    These are not kids, they are animals. After knocking a Kroger employee unconscious, they bounced 4-5 large pumpkins off of his head and LAUGHED. Who does that kind of thing?

    Society is deteriorating at an accelerated pace. If things get much worse, you won’t have a choice about carrying something to protect yourself. It will be a necessity of life. It is every human’s right to protect themselves. Remember that this is not a game. Many of the people visciously attacked like this die from their injuries. There is nothing amusing about it.

    • Dave

      I just noticed something from the news story you link to. A witness stood by and watched his FRIENDS being beaten unconscious.

      “But he says what’s even more terrifying, more traumatizing is that this is second the weekend he`s witnessed a mob of violent kids attack random people in the shopping plaza parking lot. ”

      Say what??? This is the SECOND WEEKEND these random mob attacks have occured in the SAME PARKING LOT. In other words, this is an ongoing thing.

  • Mark

    My submission: “I wanted to express my appreciation for Kroger’s adherence to state law regarding firearms. I have heard that the crime rate among concealed carry licensees is actually lower than among professional law enforcement. Criminal behavior is clearly not affected by “gun free zones” and licensed citizens vetted by law enforcement are a danger to no one who isn’t presenting a clear and present lethal threat to them. Allowing your customers to take responsibility for their own safety as required by The Constitution of The United States is also a great deal less expensive than providing professional bodyguards for each and every one of them while they are on Kroger property.”