Strange Happenings with the Las Vegas Shooting

By now, there are a lot of false flag theories going on about the Last Vegas shooting.  To be clear, stating that it is a potential false flag does not equate it to being “fake”.  Rather, people are questioning whether this event was staged for a specific purpose (e.g. – gun control), was there more than one shooter, was Stephen Paddock a Patsy?, etc.

Even YouTube tweaked their search engines as Las Vegas conspiracies have risen to the top search results on their platform when you search “Las Vegas Shooting”.  Seems like the powers that be are trying to suppress investigation!

Now while I won’t get into the bulk of evidence on why this is a potential candidate for a false flag, I do want to point you to one video – The Today Show interview of a Las Vegas victim who was shot in the leg with arterial bleeding, and then somehow is able to return from the hospital to the Mandalay Bay to do an interview in under 24 hours.

According to the interview, he was bleeding out and needed a tourniquet.  Specifically, he had suffered a rifle round to the foot area.  But, here he is, standing on two feet…no wheel chair, no crutches, laughing and joking with the reporter about his incident.

In the below video, I outline everything that’s incredibly wrong with this interview.  Were these guys only minimally wounded and seeking their own glory?  Perhaps the MSM interviewer did not vet them enough?  Or did the MSM just stage/fake these guys to get a good story?  What other possibilities?  Have a look for yourself.