PROOF You Are Living in The End Times

The prophecy of Saint John in Revelation is becoming startling true!  One can simply not deny how current events are aligning perfectly with what he had envisioned!  Watch this very short 3 minute video I put together which shows the most profound aspects of his prophecy that have come true.  It is centered around The Roman Catholic Church and The Vatican being the false church known as “Mystery Babylon” and how Pope Francis is The Last Pope!

I appreciate your comments and questions!

  • Ken March

    Christians! Lend me your ears! A few bucks wouldn’t hurt either ! LOL
    It’s come to my attention and say and frustrating experience that we Christians have TWO very complicated and difficult tasks before us that are just now becoming Critical:
    1. Understanding ‘What’s” going on in this Crazy World.
    2. How to Awaken our Brethren and the Explain this Bizaare, Super Complicated End Time we NOW live in!
    That is, Government, Illuminati, Masonic, Luciferairean, Vatican, Conspiratorial, Economic, Social and Political Coup, etc. Thing is SO intertwined and Complicated, Each part requiring at least a decent amount of familiarity to follow the Connections is Challenge at best and perhaps simply Impossible outside of God’s personal intervention in individual lives to “Understand” it all!
    We have Great Teachers, yet they’ve not come up with a Joint Presentation of all the Pieces of the Puzzle we call “These End Times”!
    This seems to be Our “Next” Step and a very much needed one!