Prepper Review: Gas Masks & Air Filters

In this video, I describe why it is incredibly necessary for preppers to carry some type of air filtering device and how many preppers have absolutely no air protection.
We cover surgeons masks, N95 through N100 masks, the new RZ M1 Mask which I have in my Bug Out Bag, 3M chemical mask and NBC gas masks.

  • Ken

    I like the looks of the RZ masks, but people should realize that these do not have a NIOSH rating (which they do not claim to have), meaning they will protect you from dust and particulate matter in the air, but they will not protect you from viruses during a viral pandemic. If you want to carry something in your BOB with an N-95 rating (which is the minimum standard for viruses such as Bird Flu), you can pick up ‘duck bill’ style masks (so called because when you don or apply them, they will make you look like Donald Duck) . While it’s true that they’re not the most attractive, they fold completely flat so that you can carry quite a few in your glove box or bug out bag. And unlike many of the pre-formed N-95 masks – even the ones marked as Small, these will in fact fit smaller faces. When researching for the Pandemic Preparedness Guide book, the ones that I found which were N-95 rated and fit the smaller faces that I wanted to protect (as well as fitting full sized men like myself), were made by AOsafety.