My Sign – Hold Fast in Your Mission, Michael

I prayed to God that I am not misleading people and to give me a sign on whether or not I should continue this timeline of warning people.

God delivers

Revelation Timeline for Download –…

  • Sheba Yazzie

    Hello, I believe. I have told everyone I could about Christ coming again. I have always delighted in prophecies since 1999. And your youtube vids just jumped out at me. I too feel that time is short, very short. Have told my families and meeting with them this week. But, just wanted to tell you….I know you were meant to inform us. For that, thank you so much.
    We do get attacks from the enemy. In the last month, I know that the enemy attacked my marriage. Its tough, but I continue to move forward and preparing. Thank you.

    • Hi Sheba. Thank you for reaching out and for your support of my videos. I believe that nothing is by accident and we all find “the right things” at the right time. Just like in this video, the person who created that cross had no idea that such a small act could have a significant impact weeks or years later.

      I will have only but a few more videos prior to this upcoming weekend. Be strong and God bless