How to Fix a Canted AK 47 Front Sight

Canted AK 47 front sight

I’m VERY surprised that there are not more DIY tutorials or videos on how to fix a canted front sight for AK 47 variants.  From what I understand, many manufacturers ship AKs that have the front sight canted too much to one side and is not plumb.  The result is that you have a severely skewed front post, or a front post that cannot be zeroed at all (which is what mine was).

Sure you can spend $75+ for a gun smith to do the work for you, but you can do it yourself for free (minus tools).  Watch this super easy tutorial.

Equipment Needed:

  • Two Right Angle Straight Edges
  • Bench Vice
  • Large vice clamps (plastic or metal) – Could be optional
  • Punch Pin set
  • Hammer
  • 3/8 Socket Wrench Extension + an extra bar if more torque is needed.
  • Blocks of wood
  • Oil /lubricant
  • AK 47 windage adjustment tool