Global Financial Collapse 2015 Update

I’ve been a little MIA over the past week, but for very good reason.  The global events that we’ve seen unfold over the last couple of weeks have caused quite a stir in the preparedness community.  I am making last minute preparations for this fall, and you should too.  Watch this video as I give an update on the global condition, events ahead and the necessity to prepare.

  • 1adventureseekerblog

    The problem I have with most people is that they are stuck focusing on pop culture, and have absolutely no interest in real life. I work with the public and do a fair amount of transactions with people whom are not low class folks. They drive nice cars and are well dressed, but certainly not rich. Middle Class would be a good definition for them. Surprisingly, at least for me, most of these people have a plethora of credit cards in their wallets and purses, and about half have to try more than one card in order to get the transaction to go through. This doesn’t even phase them. So when we have an economic downturn, this is going to hit a lot of folks really hard.

    As to the whole idea of millions of people dying, I’m not sold on it yet. I’ve heard a lot of the theories out there, and I’ve heard a lot of the conspiracies that are pointing to the dates you mentioned, September 23rd to 28th. Problem is, I’m 41. How many times have I heard of specific dates being the end of the world in my lifetime alone? More than I can count. I’m still here. You’re still here. We’re all still doing our thing. Will this time be different? There’s no way to know until those dates pass us by. I have a 25 year old bottle of single malt Scotch reserved for those days. If nothing happens, I’m raising my glass to all those folks out there who were sure that everything was going to end. Not out of disrespect, but smiling that we’re all still here having to live our lives the best way we know how. Two months and 13 days. We’ll see how it goes.

    • foot in the forest

      I truly hope you get to drink that scotch as a toast to another prediction that did not come true this time. Notice the quantifier in the first sentence? Even if they kick the can down the road again in Greece, jump the shark in Puerto Rico and go back to actually trading in a rigged system in China all of this is going to come home to roost. You, me and every one of those people you mentioned with the maxed out cards are living on borrowed time. We are all debt slaves in one form or another. I OWN my home, cars and have no debt except the monthly bills of groceries, utility’s and such but am still a debt slave for all practical purposes because I still rely on a stable “normal” system. I pray you are right and get to have your drink, but I will still plan for the worst and HOPE for the best. FOOT

  • elodiahilda

    jajaj pasó el 2015 y la economía sigue su curso, lo mismo dicen que hoy 15 de diciembre 2016 es el fin del mundo y todavía falta y nadie sabe la fecha exacta, así que deja de manipular para controlar MKUltra.

  • elodiahilda

    Los Rothschild financistas de la corona Inglesa y unos de los pilares de la Banca mundial, John Pierpont Morgan , John D. Rockefeller, Alfred Bloomingdale y Frank McNamara en 1950 los fundadores de las tarjetas de crédito, en fin “la mano invisible de la economía” y nosotros los espectadores y sostenedores de los actores que mueven los hilos de este mundo tan trágico e injusto que la única sonrisa que me produce es la esperanza de un futuro mejor en la resurrección en Cristo Jesús mi Señor. Lo demás me da tristeza, aborrecimiento y placer vano pasajero como un vaso de whisky.