December 8th – Will the “Daily Sacrifice” Be Ceased?

Many subscribers who have followed my Youtube channel know about my revelation timeline and how I feel that great tribulation is near.  In this latest video, I have discuss even more alignment between actions of the False Prophet Pope Francis and Revelation with regards to the Abomination that sets up Desolation.

Things are just lining up to be so incredibly clear!If you’ve just started reading my material and want a better grasp on how my timeline was formulated and why I think 2015 is the start of the Great Tribulation, watch these two videos first:

Revelation Timeline Video 1

Revelation Timeline Video 2

The abomination has already happened on September 23rd, 2015.  This was heralded in by The False Prophet Pope Francis.  Head of the Vatican otherwise known as Mystery Babylon – The mother of all abominations of the earth.

The Abomination will “Set up” desolation, being a separate event.  Desolation can mean “ravaged” but also mean “appalling”.  Desolation will cause the daily sacrifice to cease.

If Pope Francis promulgates Catholic Law to teach that atheists, agnostics and non-christians can go to heaven without accepting Christ, the daily sacrifice will be nullified via Catholic law.  (we know in reality that this event does not “truly” nullify Christ.  But it is an act or attempt of such which is significant).

Christ died for our sins PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.  He was the continual and daily sacrifice.  This Harbinger which is likely to occur on December 8th will be the last straw for God.  The Great Tribulation starts sometime after this event.