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59545_591682681352_6694024_nGreetings!  My name is Michael and I am the owner and writer of On Point Preparedness.  I am also the owner/trainer of the Cincinnati Survival /  Preparedness group.  I’ve been involved in the liberty, truth seeker & preparedness movements ever since the events  of  9/11.  With the internet being the last zone of free speech dissemination, it is my goal to educate and prepare others for the times ahead.  Feel free to contact me with regards to pretty much anything; news tips, advertisement, training, etc.

Thanks so much for being a reader!

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On Point is dedicated to any individual who wants to increase their knowledge of self-sufficiency, preparedness, or survival tactics. It is also an open forum to network with like-minded individuals. We are located in the Tri-State Cincinnati region and routinely sponsor local meetings on our meetup site Cincinnati Survival / Preparedness Group.  

  • Short term survival – Urban & Wilderness Bushcraft
  • Long term sustainability / Homesteading
  • Firearms & Tactics
  • Operational Security
  • Destination Planning (bugging in vs. bugging out)
  • Communications (HAM, CB, etc.)
  • Basic medical / first aid / fitness
  • Financial Security