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59545_591682681352_6694024_nGreetings!  My name is Michael and I am the owner and writer of On Point Preparedness.   I’ve been involved in the liberty, truth seeker & preparedness movements ever since the events  of  9/11.   In 2015, I was saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ and integrated bible prophecy and ministry into my Youtube Channel and website.  Feel free to contact me with regards to pretty much anything; bible questions, news tips, advertisement, training, etc.

Thanks so much for being a reader!

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On Point is dedicated to any individual who wants to increase their knowledge of bible study and end times prophecy, as well as physical preparedness to endure through the tribulation of the end times.   I cover many of the following topics

  • Bible Prophecy and the role of the Pope and Roman Catholic Church
  • Short term survival – Urban & Wilderness Bushcraft
  • Long term sustainability / Homesteading
  • Firearms & Tactics
  • Operational Security
  • Destination Planning (bugging in vs. bugging out)
  • Communications (HAM, CB, etc.)
  • Basic medical / first aid / fitness
  • Financial Security