CHRISTIANS! You Have Been Infiltrated!

wolf in sheeps clothing

If you only knew the depth to which you have been infiltrated.  Be vigilant!  Find a pastor that knows what times we are in and is willing and ready to guide his flock.  If your pastor is not open to talking about the times that we are in, or leaves it out of his sermons by omission, it’s time to move on and find a church or others that are willing to discuss these important times.

  • Mike Edwards

    Mike, and all, I’m in a good church with a strong leader for pastor, but he’s not talking about end-times (or at least, he hasn’t so far). Is anyone attending a church where the pastor is strong in this area of preaching?

  • Sheila

    That is why I’ve been following Perry Stone and Johnathan Cahn. Both on YouTube. Perry Stone makes it so clear and he proves what he says by scripture.

  • Julie Owen

    I agree with you in that we need to be careful about what we believe and stick to believing the Word of God only. I also think that the paragraph was poorly written but if you read about the Millennium, this is exactly what Christ is going to do. There will be those born into the Millennium who will need to trust Christ as Savior. However, there are those who don’t believe in the 1000 year reign of Christ so in that case I can see the concern. I would be interested to read the entire context of the article as it is rather unfair to pull out a few sentences that do sound like what the antichrist is going to deceive people into believing who he is. However, I believe that Christ-followers are not going to even know who the anti-christ is prior to the rapture because they will be in heaven with Christ. The churches are discussed in Rev 1-3 and after that they are no longer mentioned until the end of the book. After the tribulation begins, the new Christians are called “the elect” not “the church”.