You Won’t Survive With A Bug Out Bag

Saturday, February 24, 2018

With a growing family of 5, three of those under the age of 5, I came to the stark realization that I could not survive with 1-2 bug out bags.  Even if I was only accountable for myself, survival with one bug out bag would not be pleasant.  It would truly be “survival” – on the cusp of perishing.

Therefore, I understood that I needed to have a better means of travel if I were in the unfortunate situation of bugging out on foot.   Therefore, I’ve invested in a gear cart / sled.  I found mine on auction for $20 and modified it further to accept bicycle saddle bags.  You can find the link to this particular cart below, or look up a variety of “hunter sleds” or bicycle carts that you could purchase to do the same thing.  There are also a multitude of DIY videos on making bicycle carts which may be of interest to you.

The main message is this – you need to try to carry as much gear as possible within reason.  The cart/sled is the best way to do this.  If for some reason you must leave the sled, then you can leave it and carry what is on your back.  Point is, you at least had the opportunity to carry more gear by having the sled.

Rambo Bicycle Cart – Holds 300 lbs –

The Most Ingenious Way to Make Cordage from Trash

Monday, July 13, 2015

If you haven’t checked out Creek Stewart, you should.  I’ve met the man in person @ his Willowhaven Survival Institute and he is a genuinely nice guy with some smart skills.  This video is an absolute testament to that.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more ingenious way to make cordage!  Plus, this type of trash is almost everywhere.

Enjoy this amazing survival skill!

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Bushcraft 15 Second Insta-Tripod!

Friday, June 19, 2015

After watching this video, you might be asking the question why someone didn’t teach this to you sooner? Using only one simple knot and 15 seconds later, you have a tripod that can be used for cooking, smoking, water filtration, as an anchor or more! Read More

The Most Unsuspecting Rifle you NEED in your Survival Preps

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bigger doesn’t always mean better in survival and this rifle is a perfect demonstration of that concept.  No, I’m not talking about owning a 22 caliber rifle – although those are excellent as well.  What I’m talking about is something even simpler, cheaper and more effective! Read More

I Vow to Never Sleep on the Ground Again!

Friday, May 8, 2015

In my 3+ decades of living on this earth, I’ve gone on countless camping trips sleeping on the ground in a tent.  There is not one time that I can remember having an enjoyable night’s sleep.  To that, I say NO MORE! Read More

FREE Wallet Size EDC Lock Pick Set that Works!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The folks at Readyman have created an amazing laser etched escape and evade kit that they are offering for FREE (+$3 shipping/handling).  I just got mine and video taped me picking two locks with the kit.  I’ll definitely be buying another so that I can have one as part of my EDC kit!  Check this out!

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Stay Ridiculously Warm! Hot Rock Outdoor Bed Options

Thursday, March 26, 2015

It is never fun trying to get to sleep on a cold camping trip.  It’s probably even worse when you wake up and everything is damp and cold!

What’s the best way to keep warm on those cold camping trips…Well the easy answer is “have a big fire”.  But as I described in my previous article – Tent’s Not Always The Warmest Shelter Option, having a big fire is not always useful.  Have your tent too close and fire flies from the fire may burn holes in your tent.  Have your tent too far, and you’re completely relying on your sleeping bag and pad to retain your body warmth.

However, there are MANY OTHER OPTIONS where you can still use your tent and keep warm using hot coals and hot rocks! Read More

Better Survival Knot Series – Versatackle Knot

Monday, March 23, 2015

As I discussed in my previous article Life Saving Skills – Pulleys for Rope Rescue, pulleys are a great concept to learn as they are a force multiplier in lifting heavy weights.  Aside from rescue, pulleys can help you tension a rope far beyond that of simply pulling on a static line.  Why might you need a very taught line?  Here’s a couple examples:

  • – Have a rigid/non sagging line to hang your tarp on for shelter building.
  • – Set up a tight safety line to traverse dangerous ridges or similar circumstances.
  • – Tie a bundle of material together very tightly.
  • – Hang gear above the ground across a line.
  • – Or for just plain fun, you can create a tight line for tight-rope walking, otherwise known as slack lining (when using webbing instead of rope).

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“Scout” Survival Kit – The EDC of the Outdoors

Sunday, March 15, 2015

What is a “scout” survival kit?  To me, it means something a little different than an EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit.  A scout kit is what I consider to have on me when I have set up camp and leave my primary bag to scout out the perimeter for survival items (e.g. – firewood, water, edibles, etc.).

It’s similar to an EDC in that it is always on my person.  However, it is different than an EDC kit because the gear contained inside is specific to outdoor adventures and not “every day” carry.  I do not carry a full tang ESEE 6 knife on me, nor do I carry ranger beads and a compass when I’m driving my car or going to work.  However, if I”m backpacking and leave my primary bag at camp, you better believe I would have those items in addition to the other accessories I describe in this article. Read More

Urban Survival & Lock Picking

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What gear comes to mind when you think of a bug out bag? I would argue that the majority of us relate the term bug out bag to outdoor survival gear: shelter, water purification, fire making, bushcraft, etc.  However, what about survival gear that can be applied strictly to an urban setting?

While there may be many urban-specific survival tools, one which comes quickly to mind is a small lock pick set.  Whether you are trying to make passage through locked gates or scavenging for materials, a lock pick set might be your best friend.  Crow bars and bolt cutters certainly have their place, but they are heavy and can be loud.  In this article, I will show you how to get started with lock picking on the cheap (<$20)!! Read More

Life Saving Skills – Pulleys for Rope Rescue & Stuck Cars

Monday, March 9, 2015

A couple of years ago, I used to own a Jeep Wrangler which was my pride and joy. I outfitted the vehicle with a 4″ lift, 33″ tires and all the bells and whistles. The last item which I wanted was a nice winch. Winches are great tools to get your vehicle unstuck, get other vehicles unstuck, or even used as a rescue operation to haul persons or gear.

The only problem with winches is that they are expensive, heavy, must remain fixed to the vehicle and use electricity.  However, there are cheaper and more practical solutions!  In this article, I’ll discuss some cheap alternatives to the winch and how they are used for a variety of preparedness situations. Read More

Tree Climbing & Sentry Lookout Positioning

Saturday, March 7, 2015

If SHTF and it ever comes down to defending your property, you need to give yourself advanced warning of threats.  This can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Using radio communications, you can network with other homes in your area and get forewarning of threats.
  • You can perform routine scout patrols (also with radio communications) of your area.
  • You can use security cameras with Wifi signaling to transmit into your control station.
  • OR you can set up a tree sentry position!  I hope you don’t have a fear of heights!

In this article, I’ll show you a couple of ways you can set up a high elevation sentry lookout.  Paired up with a good pair of binoculars, you’ve just given yourself an incredible force multiplier against threats in terms of getting early first warning. Read More

The Top 10 Best YouTube Bushcrafters

Friday, March 6, 2015

Bushcraft in my eyes is not simply knowing the skills to survive in the woods.  It is a chance to reconnect and renew ourselves with nature & our ancestry.  Too few times do we ever go out into the middle of the nowhere, lay back, and watch the show across the night sky.  My 2 year old reminds me of this any time we get out of the car at night:  I’ll get her out of her car seat, she looks up at the sky, and shouts out “MOON!”.  The simple rock that sits up in the sky never ceases to captivate her full attention and wonder.  Sadly, for so many of us distracted by stress, work, technology and entertainment, we rarely appreciate the grandeur of our own world through our own eyes. Read More

Build Your Own Bug Out Bag (Categories & Ideas)

Monday, February 16, 2015

If I could have one recommendation for anyone out there who is new to prepping, try to avoid buying a pre-loaded bug out bag.  Although you might think there is a threat of impending doom with how current events are playing out, you do indeed have some time to make a bag that is tailored to you.  There are many pre-loaded bags out there that are just plain junk, and it is unfortunate that people get sucked into those purchases.  There are other bags out there which are “OK”, but are highly marked up in price due to the convenience factor and are not custom tailored to yourself as an individual.

My best advice to you is build you own bug out bag which is customized to your survival needs, skill level and price. Read More

Pine – One of the Best Survival Trees

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pine trees cover “almost” every aspect of survival – shelter, food, fire, tools and more!  They are one of the easiest to identify and are plentiful!  All you need to do is learn what they have to offer.  Although there are an immense number of survival uses of these trees, I cover the most common and practical uses. Read More