Better Survival Knot Series – Versatackle Knot

Monday, March 23, 2015

As I discussed in my previous article Life Saving Skills – Pulleys for Rope Rescue, pulleys are a great concept to learn as they are a force multiplier in lifting heavy weights.  Aside from rescue, pulleys can help you tension a rope far beyond that of simply pulling on a static line.  Why might you need a very taught line?  Here’s a couple examples:

  • – Have a rigid/non sagging line to hang your tarp on for shelter building.
  • – Set up a tight safety line to traverse dangerous ridges or similar circumstances.
  • – Tie a bundle of material together very tightly.
  • – Hang gear above the ground across a line.
  • – Or for just plain fun, you can create a tight line for tight-rope walking, otherwise known as slack lining (when using webbing instead of rope).

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“Better” Survival Knot Series @ Cincinnati

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Today I led a teaching session on “better” survival knots at our group – Cincinnati Survival/Preparedness group.  We had about 42 people RSVP, had a lot of fun, and learned a lot of knots.  Below is a download of the presentation I delivered which has the knots we learned.  Although those who didn’t attend will not get the benefit of hands on practice, I do have links to some of the best knot learning websites on the net inside the presentation.

If you don’t have a survival/preparedness group in your region, I highly suggest you get organized with others and start one.  Our group has 300 members, meet twice per month, and is a great resource for both learning and networking.

The “Better” Survival Knot Series Playlist with some of the knots learned today is on my YouTube Channel HERE.

The Presentation from today can be downloaded HERE!

Thanks to everyone who attended today!


Survival Shoelace Knot – Never comes undone!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The next knot in my “Better” Survival Knot Series is what I call the double slip square knot.  Once you try out this knot, you’ll never tie your shoes the way you were taught by mom and pop.


“Better” Survival Knot Series – Midshipman’s Hitch

Friday, January 2, 2015

If you’ve ever set up a tent, rain fly, or tarp, you’ve probably used a taut line hitch (or similar plastic device) that keeps the line taut but adjustable.  However, the taut line hitch is NOT the best hitch for securing rain tarps because it is prone to slipping.  Get rid of the taut line hitch and replace it with the Midshipman’s Hitch.


“Better” Survival Knot Series – Constrictor Knot

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Everyone has their own opinion on what the best survival knots are.  Well, here is the first of a series on my favorite knots where I’ll prove to you why they are better.

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