Bug Out Bag Foam?

Organization is key for having an effective preparedness bag.  Whether it be your primary bug out bag, medical, COMMS, get home bag, etc., items need to be effectively compartmentalized so that you can have an efficient deployment if the situation arises.

Here is how I have my communication bag organized.  I’ll introduce you to a nice cheap tool called “Pick n’ Pluck” foam from Pelican that can be purchased for under $10-15!  Remember, if you can’t find a Pelican case on sale, you can always buy rubbermaid or some other type of hard container and buy the foam separately.


 9.9 x 6.1 x 7 inches Pick N’ Pluck Foam




As a separate tip, I discuss while you should have written inventory of what is in each of your bug out bags.  You do not want to be dumping your bag out every so often because you’ve forgotten what all you have in it!  We always upgrade, swap things out, etc.!  Get organized!