Biblical Significance – October 23rd/24th Great Tribulation

  • Julie Johnson

    Oops, hey I watched a couple of your latest youtube posts. Yes, April 11. 2012 began the tribulation. The rapture is not this month. You have not even identified the “woman” who has been in the wilderness. There is a scripture that speaks of in Daniel 7:13, who is the “Ancient of Days” and do you even know what that is about? There are those of us that have a greater level of enlightenment. There will not be two raptures. Only one, and it will usher in the Millenium. The idea of two raptures what an idea that was inserted into religious ideas by a single person. Then it was followed like it is doctrine. We are not as close as you are thinking, but you are pretty sharp with that 1260 days from Sept 23, 2015 counting backwards.