Being American is Un-American

Why is being American an UnAmerican act?  Quite simply, it is because America has fundamentally changed!  Ditch your traditions and Old Glory for the new age – The New World Order.  An order by which there will no longer be an America, but rather a collective world.

Today I received an email from the Rutherford Institute which provides free legal council regarding civil liberty matters.  Here is the letter:


Yes, you read that correctly…

In an age of political correctness, we must approve laws to protect the laws that protect us in the first place.

Saying it that way sounds pretty ridiculous, but it’s true.  What this case shows is that we have reached a tipping point where we must have more laws to defend our 1st Amendment right which is already supposed to protect our free speech.  If you didn’t read my post “My- What BIG Laws You Have” you’ll get a better understanding to how we as a nation are burdened with so many laws that it’s incredibly difficult to have a just judicial system that is truly unbiased and credible.

The trend is all around us

There are TONS of examples of people not able to fly or wear the American flag.  In addition to the instance above, here’s just a few more:

Other Anti-American trends are developing within Amerika

  • The controversial amnesty that is about to occur will grant millions of immigrants citizenship (or an expedient path to it) without requiring a basic understanding and appreciation of our country’s founding, our constitution,  & our rights.*Don’t get me wrong, I support immigration as my father is an immigrant from the Phillipines.  However, he worked for it because he believed in what America stood for and the opportunities it could provide.  His citizenship required basic education like reciting the pledge, understanding our constitution, etc.

There are so many more examples that there is not enough time to speak of them.  What we must understand is that this Anti-Americanism is spreading not just within the United States, but abroad as well (mostly due to our corrupt policies).

Just as the poll suggested above, and as I mentioned in my post The American Zero Hour, there are still roughly 50% of citizens still faithful to “America”.  With civil wars erupting all across the world, it seems that we are steadily heading into our own.

  • Rebel Mel

    Went fishing down in the gulf of Mexico a while back and remarked about a picture of a extremely large Jew fish, I was quickly told that it no longer a Jew fish. It’s now been renamed a Goliath grouper. While this is trivial compared to not being able to display a flag, it just goes to show how few rights we actually have left.
    I feel in my soul that this country is too far gone. It will take the defunding of the evil ones to even begin to fix this. Take your money out of the markets and the banks, buy some metals and don’t use bank boxes. Quit funding evil people and their companies. Yes it will be unpleasant, but it must be done in order to save the country and the planet.

    • Mel, we are definitely in very unfortunate times. While there are movements and organizations trying to prevent the systemic destruction of America, I doubt they will succeed. As you’ve mentioned, unless you cut off the head (banking industry), nothing else will be solved. We can protest about civil rights, income inequality, republican v. democrat, but none will matter. At this point, the system has to crash in order to rebuild any semblance of what was.

      Thanks for reading! Mike

    • Lorungee

      And just who had the authority to re-name that fish ? Did they have a judge somewhere legally rule on the name change, for instance.

    • Johnny Panzer

      Speaking of Jews (who are behind most of the political correctness) since they want to call a Christmas tree a “holiday tree” I say we call a Menorah a “holiday candle” as well.

  • Alleged Comment

    Yes, there is an effort to marginalize white people, their Constitution, their Christianity, their Bill of Rights, their freedom and accomplishments and instead glorify Negroes, Moslems and Mexicans and import unaccomplished backward turd-world immigrants to crowd US out – PERMANENTLY!

  • Mary Brown

    That vote on is bullcrap they are censoring no votes

    • I don’t doubt that. I was trying to find total number of votes but could not locate that either. Who knows what’s going on with their numbers.

  • Johnny Panzer

    I wish I could get out of this politically correct cesspool hellhole now known as Amerika. We live on a prison planet. You really can’t go anywhere to get away from this PC crap. Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have been taken over by Muslim loving socialists. South America you’re a minority and will probably be a victim. Africa-totally forget about it if you’re white. There really is nowhere to escape.

  • Peggy Bay

    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” When are our leaders going to learn this?

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  • Great article! We are unfortunately going to politically correct ourselves right into 1984.