Are You Prepared for an Uneventful September 2015?

I’ve made two videos and one written article warning people about this fall…specifically September.  In the days and weeks after myself and several other bloggers connected the dots around September 2015, the story has taken off like wildfire and is almost “trendy” at this point.  However, am I dogmatic about it?  No…  Am I preparing as though something will happen?  You bet your ass I am.  In this video, I explain the risks of being dogmatic about prophecy and timings, and help you understand what you should be doing and considering.  Do not let self-doubt creep in if events that occur this fall do not align to your expectations.  Something will happen, but we truly have no idea what that will be.  Perhaps it will be the “Big Flashy Event”, a series of events, or maybe even a more subtle foundational groundwork laid to usher in terrible times. This period will be one of confusion.  We are already in an age of misinformation and disinformation which has muddied up the truth.  Keep your mind open, but be vigilent with what you accept as dogma.  Stay strong my friends!